Jimo Cupim Aerossol

Jimo Cupim Aerossol

Jimo Cupim Aerossol

  • high wood penetrating power
    high wood penetrating power
  • light odor
    light odor
  • protects wood
    protects wood
  • residual power
    residual power

Localized spots of termite infestation in small pieces of wood.

Spots where ants lodge (cracks, crevices, baseboards, door and windows frames, grout holes, anthills, etc.)

JIMO CUPIM AEROSSOL RESIDUAL is a ready-to-use insecticide with high residual power that fights the localized foci of termites and borers on small pieces of wood. JIMO CUPIM AEROSSOL RESIDUAL has a high penetration power, reaching termites and borers within the wood. It has a flexible hose provided with an injection needle and a antireflux protector that prevents splashing during application.

400 ml can

NOTE: For larger pieces of wood, it is recommended to use JIMO CUPIM INSETICIDA RESIDUAL LÍQUIDO or JIMO CUPIM BASE ÁGUA.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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