Jimo Cupim Base água

Jimo Cupim Base água

Jimo Cupim Base água

  • high wood penetrating power
    high wood penetrating power
  • light odor
    light odor
  • nanotechnology
  • residual power
    residual power

Preventive or curative treatment of dry unfinished wood.

Jimo Cupim Base Água is an effective insecticide against termites, developed for preventive or curative treatment of dry wood with no finish. Its innovative formula with nanoparticle technology provides high penetration and fixation of the active ingredient in wood. It is colorless and ready for use.

500 and 900 ml bottles and 10 L gallon.

YIELD: The average yield per liter of product is 10 m2, varying according to application and wood density. Do not apply too much product as in certain types of wood, if it drips or forms puddles, it may cause stains.

DRYING: From 48 to 72 hours, depending on local weather conditions.

FINISH: After drying, the wood can receive a finish. The use of Jimo ProteColor UV is recommended, a penetrating stain that embellishes and protects wood against weathering agents like sun, rain and salt spray.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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