Jimo Lava-Louça sem fosfato

Jimo Lava-Louça sem fosfato

Jimo Lava-Louça sem fosfato

  • contains active oxygen
    contains active oxygen
  • degreasing power
    degreasing power
  • phosphate free
    phosphate free
  • single dose
    single dose


Tablet concentrated detergent for use in dishwashers. It is effervescent, water soluble and leaves no residue.

Removes even the toughest dirt like fats, egg and coffee;

Has high degreasing power;

Makes the dishes shine;

Contains biodegradable surfactants;

Pack with 25 tablets of 20 g each.

CAUTION: Delicate items such as crystals, hand-painted porcelain, silver utensils, antiques, enamel, aluminum or wood are not dishwasher-safe.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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