About Jimo Learn more about Jimo Química Industrial Ltda.

Jimo Qúmica is a family business, 100% Brazilian. On January 21, 1956, the chemist Julio J. Morandi officially registered its insecticide company with the trade name Julio J. Morandi and brand name JIMO. The acronym was formed by the initials of his name and of his wife Ieda, also a great chemist and researcher, and the first syllable of Morandi, the couple's last name. It all started in their own residence, at Ceará Avenue, in the North of ??Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul. In 1973, the second generation of the Morandi family entered the company. The company was renamed to Jimo Química Industrial Ltda. In 1981, JIMO moved the factory and logistics to the Industrial District of Cachoeirinha, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, while the sales office remained in Porto Alegre.

The factory was completely moved in 1985, and in 1998, the third generation of the family entered the company, starting their careers in the company that was "made to last", a motto followed by JIMO. It has industrial facilities and cutting-edge laboratories, with trained and qualified personnel to perform its activities. The industry established market presence and solidified the concept that identifies the brand: "Proven Quality". It is renowned for being innovative and having the largest number of solutions in household insecticides in the Brazilian market. It was the first Brazilian company to patent a natural product for the wood preservative market, JIMO Ecomofo. It is a reference in the category and market leader in some segments in which it operates, as wood preservation with JIMO Cupim.

JIMO values its greatest asset, its employees, and is present in thousands of sales points throughout the country, and export to several countries in Latin America. It also operates with Private Label, with full service commercial operations or manufacture for customers in Brazil and Latin America. JIMO brand, the customer, the chemist DNA, love for the company and the will to be entrepreneurs have always driven its directors to follow the principles of a responsible management, looking forward and seeking niches and market opportunities with innovative products and the perception of real quality by its customers. 


Product lines:

  • Insecticides and Rodenticides
  • Dry Wood and Construction
  • Professional Fungicides and Termiticides
  • Domestic
  • Automotive, Industrial and Nautical