Jimo Cupim

Jimo Cupim

Jimo Cupim

  • high wood penetrating power
    high wood penetrating power
  • kills termites and borers
    kills termites and borers
  • protects wood
    protects wood
  • residual power
    residual power

Preventive or curative treatment of dry unfinished wood. Effective against fungal stains and mold.

Jimo Cupim, an insecticide that is also effective in preventing fungal stains and mold. It is supplied ready for use, and should be used on dry wood. It should not be applied on varnished, painted or polished wood, as the finish hampers the penetration of the product. If the wood you want to treat already has some kind of finish, it is recommended to remove it with sandpaper or remover before applying Jimo Cupim. If not possible, the product Jimo Cupim Aerossol can be injected in the holes that indicate the presence of insects. Since it is designed for preventive or curative treatment of dry wood without finish, the application of wax, ink, varnish, stain or treatment with Synteko, cascolac or the like should only be performed after drying, which varies according to local climate conditions.

Sold in cans of 18 L, 5 L, 900 ml, and 500 ml, in colorless and dark-brown versions.

JIMO CUPIM INCOLOR is a ready for use product of light-brown color.

JIMO CUPIM MARROM ESCURO is a ready for use product (shake before use), and its application provides a dark, decorative rustic, and transparent finish, enhancing the natural grain of the wood. It has wide use in the countryside, being applied for the preventive or curative treatment of fence posts, fences, poles, sheds, etc. As a decorative element, JIMO CUPIM MARROM ESCURO adds a rustic feeling to the ambiance when applied to furniture, wood paneling, art objects, ceilings, beams, tiles, exposed brick, etc. In places exposed to a lot of sunlight, the color tends to fade, demanding a new application. Wood, however, remains immunized. This reapplication is merely decorative, and can be performed without sanding the wood.

Since the product is dark in color, it is recommended to protect the adjacent areas to avoid possible stains due to splashing.

If you wish a lighter color, dilute JIMO CUPIM MARROM ESCURO with JIMO CUPIM INCOLOR. Do not use other solvents, since it may change the characteristics of the product.

YIELD: For wood up to an inch, the basic yield per liter of product ranges from 3 to 5 m², in the case of raw wood, and from 8 to 10 m², in the case of furniture, parquet, etc., one coat being sufficient for the treatment. For thicker wood, two or more coats are required on all sides of the wood.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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