Jimo Água-Repelente 700

Jimo Água-Repelente 700

Jimo Água-Repelente 700

  • does not form a film
    does not form a film
  • keeps the surface appearance unchanged
    keeps the surface appearance unchanged
  • Prevents mold and slime
    Prevents mold and slime
  • water base
    water base

Product specially designed to protect porous surfaces. Indicated for protection of exposed brick, apparent concrete, stones and porous tiles.

JIMO ÁGUA-REPELENTE 700 is a water-based, ready-to-use water repellent specially designed to protect porous surfaces. It has micro-particles that penetrate, react and adhere strongly to the substrate, doing a chemical barrier that repels and reduces water absorption. It is ideal for walls, facades and roofs and is not recommended for horizontal surfaces.


* Ready for use.
* Repels and reduces water absorption.
* Prevents the formation of microorganisms such as mold and slime.
* Reduces the impregnation of dirt, making cleaning easier.
* Prevents efflorescence.
* Does not alter the appearance of treated surfaces.
* It does not form a film, allowing the water to escape from the substrate in the form of steam.
* Has long durability.

3,6 L and 10 L gallons.

Consumption: The yield varies according to the porosity of the surface to be treated. Materials with higher porosity yield up to 8m² per liter and, in materials with lower porosity, the yield varies up to 14m² per liter of product. In case of doubt as to porosity, we recommend performing the “drop test”, which consists in placing a drop of water on the substrate and, if the drop is absorbed, there is adequate porosity for the application of the product.

Reapplication: Substrate composition, climatic exposure and application conditions influence a possible reapplication. For verification of this necessity, we recommend conducting a water test, one to two years after the application.

Recommendations: ATTENTION! JIMO ÁGUA-REPELENTE should not be applied on rainy days or with relative humidity of more than 80%. It is recommended to apply at room temperature between 10 and 35° C. We do not recommend the application on low porosity materials such as ceramic coatings, glazes, vitrified solids, enamels etc, due to the low absorption rate of the product, which can alter the surface tonality and cause difficult to remove stains, as such, previously conducting the “drop test” is recommended. On dark-colored surfaces and natural stones, prior testing is recommended. In case of apparent concrete and cement, wait for full cure before applying the product. It is recommended to protect windows, wood stops and floors during application.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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