Jimo EcoPenetril 50 Aerossol

Jimo EcoPenetril 50 Aerossol

Jimo EcoPenetril 50 Aerossol

  • Dielectric - does not conduct electricity
    Dielectric - does not conduct electricity
  • eliminates squeaks
    eliminates squeaks
  • high lubricant power
    high lubricant power
  • loosen stuck/locked parts
    loosen stuck/locked parts

HOUSEHOLD: Fix and lubricates squeaky hinges, unlocks and protects jammed padlocks, door locks, hinges, sliding doors' pulleys, bolts, lamp sockets (off), etc.

INDUSTRIAL/PROFESSIONAL: Effective for maintenance of engines and tools, lubricating and unlocking of jammed or rusted metal parts, protection of equipment exposed to weather, etc.

SPORTING: Protects fishing items such as hooks, reels, pliers, harpoons, zippers and boat motors from salt spray, and lubricates and protects from moisture skate bearings, bicycle belts, firearms, etc.

AUTOMOTIVE: Protects metal parts in general, such as engines, spark plug wires, connectors, screws, battery terminals, etc. from moisture and corrosion. Facilitates the removal of tailpipes, spark plugs, wheel studs, etc.

Jimo EcoPenetril 50 was designed to be a natural lubricant with multiple functions: household, industrial/professional, sports, automotive, etc. In order to preserve biodiversity and the ecosystem, Jimo EcoPenetril 50 is composed of natural oils and is biodegradable. Jimo EcoPenetril 50 has a high lubricant power, loosening (unlocking jammed/oxidized parts) and protecting against moisture and oxidation. It is also a dielectric product (it does not conduct electricity).

300 ml can

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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