Jimo Mata-Baratas Aerossol

Jimo Mata-Baratas Aerossol

Jimo Mata-Baratas Aerossol

  • dislodges, paralyzes and kills
    dislodges, paralyzes and kills
  • leaves no smell
    leaves no smell
  • light odor
    light odor
  • residual power
    residual power

Corners, crevices, drains, baseboards, behind furniture and refrigerators, under sinks and other places of passage of cockroaches and ants.

JIMO MATA-BARATAS is an insecticide specially designed to kill cockroaches, ants, spiders and scorpions, thus preventing new infestations. It continues to act for up to 8 weeks against cockroaches and ants. 

300 ml can

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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