Jimo Dedetizador
Even leaving no smell and dirt on the environment, should I clean up the environment after application?

Kitchen utensils left unprotected should be washed.

Is it effective against all insects?

It is effective against cockroaches, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, moths, and beetles.

Is it effective against termites?

No, because the fumigating fog, which reaches even the most difficult hideouts, cannot penetrate wood where the termite colonies are.

What is the difference between Jimo Gás and Jimo Dedetizador Ativado por Água?

Activation and residuals. Jimo gás is activated by flames and leaves dust in the environment, while Dedetizador is activated by water and leaves no dust after use.

What is the yield of this product?

A can for each 14m² or 35m³.

Jimo Rat
If I notice that they took all the product away, should I add more?

Yes, since colony size is unknown, one should continue to offer the product.

If my pet eats only one unit of the product, is it at risk?

Yes, bring it quickly to the vet with the packaging of the rodenticide in hand, for it to receive K vitamin, the product's antidote.

Should I open the bag?

It is not necessary.

Why rats take long to die?

Elimination is slow in order to prevent other colony members to be alerted and stop eating the rodenticide.

Jimo Ácaros e Pulgas Aerossol
After how long should I repeat the application?

This time varies according to the size and type of infestation.

Can I apply it in bed, mattress, pillows, and bedding?

Yes, those are places of high incidence of mites.

Do I need to wash clothes and other objects after application?

No, wait for it to dry naturally before using.

Do people and animals need to leave the room before applying the product?

No need, just keep the room ventilated.

Should I wait the product to dry before using the room?

Yes. After drying, vacuum to remove the dead insects.

Jimo Anti-Inset Aerossol
Can I apply it indoors?


Does it kill all types of insects?

It is effective against ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and their larvae.

Is the product effective against the mosquito that transmits dengue, zika, and chikungunya?

Yes, and it kills their larvae.

Is this product effective against cockroaches?


Jimo Anti-Inset Elétrico
Can I use it beside the bed?

Keep the device two meters away from the headboard.

Can it stay on indefinitely?

No. After use, it should be unplugged from the socket.

Does the device use a lot of energy?

It uses 72 W in twelve hours.

Jimo Anti-Inset Elétrico KIT 60
Can it be left on the wall for an indefinite time?

Yes, as long as the power switch is turned off. This is one of the great advantages of our devices, it has an on/off switch.

Can it be used in 110/220v?

The device is dual voltage, i.e., voltage switch is automatic.

Is it more effective to use the tablet and liquid refills at the same time?

It is not indicated.  Use only one repellent: either the tablet or liquid refill.

Jimo Anti-Inset Refil Pastilhas
Can I use both sides of the tablet?

No, only one side should be used, the tabled must be discarded after use.

Can I use Jimo tablet refill on devices from other brands?

Yes, the tablet will be effective as long as the device operates in agreement and at the appropriate temperatures for electric repellents.

Does the product kills mosquitoes?

No, the product is a mosquito repellent.

Should the place be ventilated while using the product?

Yes, but without air currents that would deviate the action of the product.

Jimo AntiTraça Aerossol
Can I apply it on clothes?

Yes, at a distance of 40 to 60 cm from the clothes. For sensitive fabrics, we recommend performing a prior compatibility test on a hidden area to check color fixation.

Can it eliminate any kind of moth?

It is specially for clothes and books moths.

Do the clothes need to be washed after application?


Does the product have a strong smell?


How many times is it necessary to apply the product to eliminate moths?

It may vary depending on the infestation. Reapply every 30 or 60 days.

Jimo AntiTraça Cartela
Can it be placed in kitchen cabinets?


How long the product is active for?

Up to 90 days, but it may vary depending on weather conditions. The product has a time indicator that indicates when it is exhausted.

How many cards per m² should I use?

For approximately 500 L (0.4 m long x 0.9 m wide x 1.4 m height) one unit. Between 500 and 1000 L, two units, and so on.

How should I dispose of the packaging?

With household waste.

How will I know when the product is not active anymore?

The product has a timer, which indicates the end of the active ingredient on the card.

Is it effective against clothes and paper moths?

Yes, for Tineola uterella (clothes) and silverfish, Lepisma saccharina (books).

Is this product disposable?

Yes, it should be discarded when the timer indicates the end of the active ingredient.

Should it be used only in wardrobes?

No, it may be placed in any room of the house.

Jimo Cupim
Can I apply it in anthills? (in the garden and indoor area)

Jimo Cupim Aerossol is also indicated for fighting ants in cracks, crevices, baseboards, door and window jambs. Apply it in tile grouts, anthills, hideouts, etc.

Can I apply it in masonry walls?

No, the product is indicated for use in dry wood.

Can I mix it with a solvent to increase product yield?

The product is ready to use, i.e. it should not be mixed otherwise its characteristics could be changed and its effectiveness lost.

Can I mix it with varnish to provide double protection?

No, because varnish is a surface product and Jimo Cupim is a penetration product. Both would have their functions compromised.

Can it be applied over finishes such as paint, varnish, etc.?

No, Jimo Cupim should only be applied on raw wood surfaces without any kind of finish, even if old and worn.

How long after the application should be repeated?

If you are careful to soak the wood enough in one coat it is not necessary to repeat the application.

How to clean splashes of the brown termiticide?

The stains could be removed using a clean cloth soaked in a suitable organic solvent, like kerosene, turpentine, paint thinner, etc. Depending on the surface, the stain may not disappear completely due to the porosity of the substrate.

What is the best way to apply Jimo Cupim?

Jimo Cupim can be applied by immersion, brushing or spraying.

Will the product be effective if there are termites already in the wood?

Yes, the product has curative and preventive action, it eliminates insects within the wood and leaves a residual insecticide to prevent future infestations.

Jimo Cupim Base Água
Does this product have the same odor as Jimo Cupim traditional?

No, the product is water-based and has low odor. 

Is it as effective as the traditional product?

Yes, it is preventive and curative being equally effective.

Is the product ready for use?

Yes, the product is ready for use and cannot be diluted or mixed with another product. Apply it pure.                                      

Jimo Espiral
Can I use it in confined areas, such as inside homes?

It can be used in open and half open environments, or outdoors.

For how many hours the spiral burns?

Approximately seven hours.

Jimo Gás Fumigante
Can the product damage my computer or other electronics?

We recommend protecting electronic devices.

How long is it effective for? When to reapply?

The product is residually active where it was not cleaned and removed. Reapply according to the infestation.

Is it effective against termites?

No, because the fumigating fog, which reaches even the most difficult hideouts, cannot penetrate wood where the termite colonies are.

Is it necessary to take aquariums out of the room?

Yes, the active ingredient is toxic to aquatic life.

Is it necessary to wash everything after application?

Utensils left unprotected should be washed before use.

Is the product effective when applied to roof lining?

Yes, but it can be less effective, since in attics there are air vents through roof tiles and the product would eventually be dispersed.

Should food be covered before applying the product?

Yes, keep any food protected in closed containers.

What should I do with children's toys and clothes?

Store them in bags or tightly sealed packages.

When used in attics, can it contaminate the water tank?

Yes, therefore keep the lid closed and sealed with masking tape.

Jimo Inseticida em Pó
Can I apply it in dogs and cats?

The product is not indicated for direct application on animals, but it can be applied in their living areas, kennels, and catteries.

Is it effective in outdoor areas?

Yes, but it should not be applied under wet conditions.

Where should it be applied?

It can be applied in floors or areas of circulation of ants, moths, roaches, and fleas.

Jimo Inseticida Espacial
Does this product kills all kinds of insect?

It is effective against flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, and moths.

What is the best way to apply this product?

Inseticida Jimo Espacial is applied by spraying the infested areas and surroundings. One must be careful with wood surfaces because, depending on the finish, they may become whitish.

Jimo Mata-Baratas Aerossol
Can it be applied in indoor and outdoor areas?

Yes, when directed against insects or their hiding places.

How long the product remains active after application?

The product remains active for eight weeks if the application site is not washed.

Is it only effective against cockroaches?

No, it is effective against cockroaches, ants, spiders and scorpions.

Should it be applied directly on the cockroach to be effective?

Yes, but when applied to its path, the cockroach can become contaminated and die.

Jimo Open Air Aerossol
Can it be applied inside homes?

No, but it can be applied on openings to prevent the insects from entering.

Does the product continues to be effective if it rains on the applied area?

No, it is necessary to reapply the product.

Does the product kills insects?

No, the product is insect repellent.

Once applied, how long is it effective for?

For twelve hours at maximum, depending on weather conditions such as wind, temperature and humidity.

Should it be applied on the air, like insecticides?

No, spray the product at a minimum distance of 30 cm from the surface for about 3 to 5 seconds per m².