Jimo Antiumidade
Can the liquid that remains in the boxes stain?

Yes, that is why it should be handled with care.

How long does the refill last?

Durability varies according to ambient humidity.

What is the minimum humidity needed for the product to start acting?

The product works by absorbing excess humidity from the environment until the ideal percentage, between 50 and 60%.

Jimo Desengordurante Multiuso Aerossol
Can I apply it in self-cleaning ovens?

Follow the oven manufacturer's instructions.

Can I apply it on enameled surfaces?

Yes, but avoid leaving the product on the surface for very long periods (overnight, for example).

Can I use it to clean shower enclosures?


Can it be applied in microwave ovens?

The manufacturer's instructions must be consulted.

Does it remove fat from skewers?

Yes, apply the product allow it to act and rinse using a sponge.

Is it indicated for stainless steel, aluminum and Teflon surfaces?


Is it necessary to use gloves to apply the product?

No, Jimo Desengordurante Multiuso was dermatologically tested, so there is no need to use gloves when applying the product.

Jimo Desengraxante Aerossol
After applying the product, how long should I wait to blast it with water?

Approximately five minutes.

Jimo EcoPenetril 50 Aerossol
Can I use it in stuck locks or padlocks?

Yes, because the product is a loosener.

Does the product attack rubbers?

No, the product does not attack rubber.

Does the product conduct electricity?

No, Jimo EcoPenetril is dielectric, i.e., it does not conduct electric current.

Does the product remove rust?

No, but it has an antioxidant in its formula that keeps the surface protected while the product acts.

Is the product flammable?

Yes, all aerosol products are flammable.

Jimo Essence Limão
How long the product lasts?

The product lasts for approximately 60 washes.

The characteristic smell of the product remains on the utensils in the machine?

No, the product leaves no residue in dishes.

Jimo Lava-Louça em Pastilhas
Can it be difficult to dissolve the tablet?

Water temperature can affect the dissolution time of the tablet. Check your machine. Unadjusted machines could have an effect since temperature is very important for dissolution of the product.

The tablet does not fit in the machine compartment, what should I do?

The tablet can also be placed in the cutlery basket or anywhere inside the machine.

Jimo Lava-Louça em Pastilhas Hidrossolúvel
Do I need to remove the tablet packaging before putting it in the machine?

There, the packaging is water soluble, that is, it dissolves in contact with water.

Does the packaging make dissolution of the product difficult?

No, the packaging dissolves together with the tablet.

Jimo Lava-Máquinas em pastilhas
Can I wash the machine with dishes inside it?

No, run the long cycle with no dishes inside the machine, only the tablets.

How often should I use this product?

Whenever you want to remove accumulated grease residues that cause unpleasant odors.

Should I use both tablets at once?

Yes, add two tablets for a single machine washing cycle.

What is the real function of this tablet?

Internal cleaning of the dishwasher.

Jimo Limpa-Contato Aerossol
Should I turn off the equipment before cleaning?

Yes, equipment must be turned off.

Should it be applied only on electronic contacts?

No, it can be applied to battery terminals.

Jimo Limpa-Vidros Aerossol
Can I apply it on tinted glass?

Yes, once the complete removal is done.

Can I clean TV and computer screens?

The screen manufacturer's instructions should be followed.

Can it be applied to eyeglasses?

Yes, using a soft cloth to prevent scratching.

Can the product be used in blasted glass?

Yes, but the surface must be cleaned with a flannel cloth. Avoid using paper towels because glass retains paper waste.

Does it work well on car windshields?

Yes, it is effective in cleaning.

Jimo Multi Superfícies Aerossol
Can I use it in electronics?

Disconnect them from electrical outlets and follow the manufacturer's instructions, applying the product on a cloth rather than directly on the surface.

Does the product stains?

Not, provided that it is removed before drying on the surface.

On which surfaces can it be applied?

It can be used in a variety of surfaces such as acrylic, tiles, ceramics, laminated or sealed wood, metal, plastic, granite, etc.

What should I do if it dries on the surface?

Apply the product again and remove it afterwards.

Jimo Penetril Aerossol
Can I use it in stuck locks or padlocks?

Yes, because the product is a loosener.

Does the product attack rubber?

The solvent in the formula can attack rubbers.

Does the product remove rust?

No, but it has an antioxidant in its formula that keeps the surface protected while the product acts.

Jimo Secante Abrilhantador
How to dose the right amount of product for each wash cycle?

When the dishwasher indicates that the rinse aid dispenser is empty, pour the entire bottle of Jimo Secante Abrilhantador in the indicated compartment. The usual compartment capacity is 100 ml, the same as the product bottle. The machine takes care of dosing the product automatically.

Jimo Silicone
Can I apply it in leather?

Yes, but we recommend avoiding application in leather upholstery, because it makes the surface slippery.

Can I apply it on wooden furniture?

Yes, it gives them a renewed appearance.

Can I apply it to car windows?

No, avoid contact with automotive glass.

Can it be used as a lubricant in treadmills?

Yes, as well as Jimo Silicone Aerossol.

Can the product be used to clean floors?

No, because silicone makes the surface very smooth and slippery and can cause accidents.

Does it clean stainless or brushed steel surfaces?

Yes, it gives them a renewed appearance.