Jimo Água-Repelente
Can I apply it on any surface?

We do not recommended the application of the product on materials with low or no porosity, such as stony materials (granite, marble, etc.), tiles and other vitrified and/or enameled substrates, due to the low or zero absorption rate, which may cause stains or other adverse reactions. It is recommended to protect windows, wooden frames and floors during application. If you are in doubt, do the porosity test: place a drop of water on the substrate; if the drop is absorbed, the porosity is adequate for product use.

Can I paint the wall after applying Água Repelente?

Surfaces treated with the product can receive paint or any other organic solvent-based finish; water-based paints cannot be applied. The application of emulsion paints must be preceded by a test.

Can it be applied indoors?

No, the product is indicated for use in outdoor areas.

Can it be applied on floors?

No, the product is not designed for application in horizontal surfaces.

How many coats are required for the product to be effective?

Apply one heavy coat. For the subsequent coats, apply only while the previous coat is still wet.

The product makes exposed bricks shine?

There is no change in surface appearance. It does not form a film or peels.

Jimo Cupim
Can I apply it in anthills? (in the garden and indoor area)

Jimo Cupim Aerossol is also indicated for fighting ants in cracks, crevices, baseboards, door and window jambs. Apply it in tile grouts, anthills, hideouts, etc.

Can I apply it in masonry walls?

No, the product is indicated for use in dry wood.

Can I mix it with a solvent to increase product yield?

The product is ready to use, i.e. it should not be mixed otherwise its characteristics could be changed and its effectiveness lost.

Can I mix it with varnish to provide double protection?

No, because varnish is a surface product and Jimo Cupim is a penetration product. Both would have their functions compromised.

Can it be applied over finishes such as paint, varnish, etc.?

No, Jimo Cupim should only be applied on raw wood surfaces without any kind of finish, even if old and worn.

How long after the application should be repeated?

If you are careful to soak the wood enough in one coat it is not necessary to repeat the application.

How to clean splashes of the brown termiticide?

The stains could be removed using a clean cloth soaked in a suitable organic solvent, like kerosene, turpentine, paint thinner, etc. Depending on the surface, the stain may not disappear completely due to the porosity of the substrate.

What is the best way to apply Jimo Cupim?

Jimo Cupim can be applied by immersion, brushing or spraying.

Will the product be effective if there are termites already in the wood?

Yes, the product has curative and preventive action, it eliminates insects within the wood and leaves a residual insecticide to prevent future infestations.

Jimo Cupim Base Água
Does this product have the same odor as Jimo Cupim traditional?

No, the product is water-based and has low odor. 

Is it as effective as the traditional product?

Yes, it is preventive and curative being equally effective.

Is the product ready for use?

Yes, the product is ready for use and cannot be diluted or mixed with another product. Apply it pure.                                      

Jimo Protecolor UV Cores
Can I apply it in internal and external areas?

Yes, the product is effective in indoor and outdoor areas.

Can it be applied over varnish or paint?

No, because varnishes and paints fill completely the pores of wood, so the product would not work. A complete removal of the varnish or paint is recommended before the application of Jimo Protecolor UV.

Does the product have odor?

Yes, but due to its water-based technology, it is significantly minimized, leaving no odor in the environment after drying.

How long should I wait between coats?

Approximately three hours.

How many coats should I apply?

Three coats are recommended for decks and outdoor environments and two coats for indoors.

Is the product effective against termites?

No, the product does not contain a termiticide in its formula. To fight termites, the product Jimo Cupim Incolor can be used before applying Jimo Protecolor UV.

What is the product's yield?

 Approximately between 10 m² and 16 m² per liter. Yield depends on the application technique, surface condition and wood type.