Jimo AntiFormiga

Jimo AntiFormiga

Jimo AntiFormiga

  • eliminates ant colonies
    eliminates ant colonies
  • high attractive power
    high attractive power
  • kills ants in the nest
    kills ants in the nest
  • leaves no smell
    leaves no smell

Horizontal surfaces along ant trails (behind sinks and cabinets, next to baseboards) or near their nests, where they are found in large amounts.

JIMO ANTIFORMIGA is an innovative insecticide that kills every ant in the nest with baits that are taken from the plastic case into the nest. The baits are carried by worker ants and distributed to all ants in the nest, including the queen ant. They are all eliminated in a few days, leading to the destruction of the entire colony.

2.5 g blister.

IMPORTANT: Do not touch the ants while they crowd around the plastic case, they may disperse and alert other ants from the nest. Ants might not be readily attracted to the baits under certain conditions, which may be due to physiological factors or other external factors. Avoid using the product outdoors on rainy days or under direct sunlight. The attractiveness of the baits may vary depending on the presence of food in the environment.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


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